Mariastein Medical Center GmbH is a Purchasing & Marketing Specialist in the Medical Health environment for hospitals & private clinics as well as the medical health industry.

Our practice is built on cost reduction, value creation and

profit improvement.



We have helped our clients in the hospitals & private clinics with several cost reduction programs in the OR, cardio and orthopedics area. In case of value creation we create a toolbox of value drivers and align purchase with their business.


For the Medical health industry value creation is a solid way to gain long term benefits. We help our clients to develop concepts that created value for the hospital or private clinics and research what it is worth for them.



Hospitals & Clinics are asking our service to reduce costs, reduce waste and create value in their procurement processes.

Mariastein MC excellence approach helps our clients answer the key questions that arise when they optimize their purchasing organization.  We assist purchase departments to be aligned with their patients needs, employer’s needs and off course the business.  We have knowledge of international price levels and all our clients have access to our buying power, experience and negotiations skills.


The majority of businesses cannot afford the luxury of having a central purchasing function focused on the reduction of business overheads.

The solution to this dilemma is “outsourced purchasing” from Mariastein MC. Our objective is to form partnerships with our clients to deliver

a sustained low overhead cost, whilst maintaining the quality of service our clients expect.



Medical device suppliers in Europe are feeling the pressure from competitors with increasingly aggressive pricing strategies and they expect this situation to worsen in the next years. But despite this and other significant challenges, Mariastein Medical Center is helping their clients to create additional value instead of cutting costs. We believe that there are plenty of opportunities to successfully introduce new products and strategies.


Purchasing Board

We support medical companies in achieving sustainable performance enhancements. With our independent Purchasing Board we are able to support you with different price- and marketing strategies.


Value based pricing

It sets selling prices primarily, but not exclusively, on the perceived value to the customer, rather than on the actual cost of the product, the market price, competitor’s prices, or the historical price. The goal of value-based pricing is to better align price with value delivered. Value based pricing is intended to make companies become more competitive and more profitable than using simpler pricing methods.


Competitive pricing

A competitive pricing strategy is a technique organizations use to entice customers to purchase goods from them instead of the competition. For a proper price policy there is a need for competitive knowledge. What are their strategies, market approaches and price levels? The purchasing board will not give you exact numbers but a rather good indication. Furthermore we can identify the expected consequences.



Is the process used to determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development. The Purchasing Board can assist your organization to introduce their products into the market, give insight into the DMU, custom made market research, etc..



Mariastein MC GmbH

Wasserstraße 18, 47533 Kleve, Germany

T +49 (0)2521 727254

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